ODOT Cascade Mountain Webcams

(ODOT stands for Oregon Department of Transportation.  It seems the government's budget for re-engineering their websites is endless.  Frankly, I'm tired of repairing broken links to government web pages.  Perhaps I'll make time to fix these again someday.  ...maybe.  By the way, the Federal Government website re-engineering budget is just as troublesome.  You should try maintaining links to something useful at NOAA for more than two years in a row.   ...it's not possible.)

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Hwy 26 at Government Camp (4400ft)
Government Camp (Last of Day)
Santiam Pass Santiam Pass
Hwy 20 at Santiam Pass (4800ft)
Santiam Pass (Last of Day)
Hwy 22 at Detroit Lake (~2000 ft)
Highway 197 at the Columbia River
The Dalles
Ore. 58 at Willamette Pass (5100ft)
Willamette Pass (Last of Day)
ORE 138 @ ORE 230
near Diamond Lake (~5182 ft)
Warner Mountain Summit
Hwy 140 at Lake of the Woods
Lake of Woods (Last of Day)
Siskiyou Summit Siskiyou Summit
I5 at Siskiyou Pass (4400ft)
Siskiyou Pass (Last of Day)